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Article Name Image
26CR.0001 Oil filter wrench "Crab"
36.20075 Bearing puller two jaws 75mm
36.200100 Bearing puller two jaws 100mm
36.200150 Bearing puller two jaws 150mm
36.200200 Bearing puller two jaws 200mm
36.30075 Bearing puller three jaws 75mm
36.300100 Bearing puller three jaws 100mm
36.300150 Bearing puller three jaws 150mm
36.300200 Bearing puller three jaws 200mm
36.300250 Bearing puller three jaws 250mm
36.300300 Bearing puller three jaws 300mm
29.0017220 Spring puller 17х220mm
29.0017280 Spring puller 17х280mm
29.0017320 Spring puller 17х320mm
28.0001 Steering rod puller
28.0002 Steering rod puller (foreign car)
28.0003 Steering rod puller

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